• Her Sweet Caress


Cold. I can feel it passing down my throat, the smooth silky chill, its liquid movement spreading tendril by tendril into my lungs. I feel it on my face, the gentle caress, so soft.

Is it her? Whipping my hair around my face and pushing my clothes back so they flow, flow away.


My mistress, I gave my life for her and she comes to me every single time. She wraps me in her eternal caress making me immortal and untouchable. Do you want to know what I see and what else I feel? Do you?


Opening my eyes, I cast my gaze along the shadows and the darkness. So beautiful – so many shades of black, countless. Why then those yellow streaks of colour? That light violates the darkness – violates her serene beauty without a single moment of hesitation. They don’t understand her, they never will – not like I can. She is my mistress and my lover, the Lady of true serenity. Silvery white moonlight falls from that divine white sphere in the sky – is it really as beautiful for you as it is for me?




I start to run and jump, no I fly from the top – across the rooftops; I dance and the impossible ballet begins. Spinning, gliding, falling and there I am, on my knees on the ground. If a feline has nine lives, I certainly have far more than that supernatural creature would ever dare dream.


And as if my powers stretched to my very thoughts, one appears in the alleyway. First the eyes, glowing unnaturally (you think its natural do you? pathetic…) and staring straight into my soul, well… if such an entity still resides. So agile, so dignified, oh so arrogant - she comes, challenging me. I raise myself so that I am on one knee and bow my head slightly to the feline in respect. She understands and with a slithery purr, walks off into the shadows. And there I stay, a beautiful statue of perfection and reverence. And for a while, there is …nothing.









Ah I see it, I see you! You or another one of you snivelling creatures – just a flash in the distance, a moment of feeling, of heat and warmth. Passing for a second she does, past my alley – oh sorry our alley but that second is a second too long. I launch myself and my world becomes a blur for all I see is her. Closer and closer until I can smell and feel her right before me.


Brunette, curly hair, white white skin. A sweet fragrance of roses – chemical roses and I have her, my arm around her neck and I take her, drag her into our alley. A simple bundle of soft warm flesh and artificial fabrics and plastics.


She would have screamed but my hand was there already; it must have felt so cold, so smooth and cold like marble. All I could hear was a slight frozen whimper. Taking her hand, I spun her before me with the elegance reserved for regal ballroom floors and she saw me. And there it was…. Beautiful silence.


We looked at each other for quite a while. You know how it is with you creatures – if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. If you see it, it still doesn’t exist but it is a simple piece of trickery or magic. But if it touches you, if it threatens you, you are suddenly a hapless pile of quivering goo. Hey I should know, I was once like you.


I put my finger to her lips, soft lips coated with a wonderful gloss, and I shushed her oh so very sweetly. She was my lover and I loved her at that very moment – I did! But the truth was I couldn’t remember what love was like so it was either that or lust or maybe even hunger. Who knows, but whatever it was, it was just divine, washing over me with a silky sensual feeling. I had to kiss her, I just did.


And I did just that, a soft touch on her lips, mine on hers. I felt her flinch, most likely due to my icy touch but I turned my kiss into a deeper one, my tongue sliding into her mouth. And then I saw that she was enjoying the moment, her eyes closing and her body no longer as rigid as it was before. I ended it smoothly and leaned back with her hands in mine, her head on my shoulder. We were lovers you know, we were. Maybe we still are.




Here is another fact for you; the truth simply is that time doesn’t exist – you created it to stop yourselves going mad. Why don’t you take off your watch and cast it aside; how long will it take for you to writhe and crawl back to that mechanical device? I don’t wear such a thing you see, and we must have stood for hours. Or seconds… I really do not know. Once more serene statues of mythical beauty with that sweet caress sweeping our hair back with each tender breeze. Oh why the rush, why not treasure each moment of perfection in ‘life’?



And then I was there, on her neck, feeling the wetness, the warmth, the saltiness. Her moans made the experience even more pleasurable as I drank from her until I could drink no more. And then with one swift movement, I tossed her into the nearby garbage like a rag doll. Enough….I strode out of the darkness into the deserted street, into the orange neon lights. And I walked on, I walked on.




You think I don’t remember? I remember, from times long gone. I DO remember.

I can see it like it was yesterday, I can see the sun falling in the distance with such glimmering beauty, its reach stretching across the land but with each moment it surrenders to the encroaching shadows. I can see those shimmering sparkles in the sky and I can feel the fall of the night on my skin, I can feel it with each breath. Cool, oh so cool but there is still the lingering warmth of the day and the scent of the flowers and of spring wafting through the air.


Here I stand, my arms outstretched on both sides in the shape of a cross, just taking in the sunset, this world, this life. How can I explain this, why should I explain this when you too can feel the same? But I must, for in this time, many seem to forget the simple beauty of ‘life’? And the wonders that the day and the night bring. There need not be words, there need not be anything but simple existence to feel it, the unbelievable serenity and tranquility. Away from the world of man, of society, of worry, of responsibility, even of simple thought.




It was… it all was something else back then. But it is different now. Then, she was only an acquaintenace, a friend at best. But now….






I continued to walk into her arms, and the Lady Night took me in, enveloped me, smothered me. And then there was nothing else … nothing, just her sweet sweet caress.