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Creative Fiction with a                    Darker Touch

Hello, my name is Viral Patel aka Viz and I have written many pieces of fiction drawn from a variety of inspirations. This is where you will be able to read some of them and hopefully I will eventually place all of my work online. The pieces span a number of years with ones such as Someday and Inspirations from my teens to the Moonlight Dance works being the most recent and as you can imagine, the work has matured over time.

I am currently working on a novel which I hope to get published and the prologue is on display below for your reading pleasure. Send all feedback to ravenbreeze@gmail.com thanks!

Also please note - for those works that have been inspired by a certain medium such as the Alice works, the fiction may seem difficult to understand unless one has some experience of the subject matter.

P.S Much of the artwork you see associated with the writing was created by a young very talented artist by the name of Ann - please visit her site by clicking the picture on the left.


Preview of novel

Short extract from the chapter: Myriad - of the Ravens

       Sytheria: Nine Lives

Original Fiction

Philosophical Shorts

Fan Fiction/Poetry inspired by the video game American McGees Alice

Neverwinter Nights - The Nights Asylum - work involved with the roleplaying game

Fan Fiction inspired by the video game Deus Ex

Fan Fiction inspired by the video game Black & White

It is with our imaginations that we will soar - on golden wings into the endless skies

Fan Fiction inspired by the video game Baldur’s Gate

Think of time as a companion on our journey - a friend that reminds us to cherish every special wondrous moment that comes our way